These Are All the Handy Super Bowl Apps You Need to Get Before the Big Game


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The best day of any football fans year is obvi the Super Bowl. To help you get even more stoked for Sunday, Feb. 7, we've rounded up the handiest apps using recommendations from Wired and the App Store, so that you can download before the big day. Even if you're just tuning in to see Beyoncé and Coldplay perform during halftime, you can still enjoy the game with the help of these apps. Whether you're looking for a live stream of the game or an extra tray of hot wings, you better believe there's a Super Bowl app for that. 

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According to Wired, this is the app of all apps when it comes to enjoying Super Bowl 50. If you can't sit down to watch, the CBS Sports app will be live streaming the game for your on-the-go viewing pleasure. Can't take the day off but want to stay informed? This app is your new best friend. 

If you happen to be attending the actual game, or you're just in the area, this app is for you. Wired says the Road to 50 app will allow you to discover all the Super Bowl-related events going on around you. Might we suggest downloading Tinder as well? How romantic would it be to meet your soul mate on game day!? Just sayin'. 

Here's another app for those lucky BB's watching the game IRL. The Levi's Stadium app, according to Wired, will hold your ticket, show instant replays and even let you order freakin' snacks to your freakin' seat. STAHP.

Postmates is a no-brainer when it comes to those of us who will be watching the game in the comfort of our own home. Wired reminds us; the last thing we want to be doing on Super Bowl Sunday is step foot in a grocery store, so why not let an app do the dirty work for us? We're also into Grubhub, Eat 24 and Seamless because food. 

The App Store recommends our favorite app out of the bunch, the NFL Emoji keyboard. As someone who only watches the Super Bowl for the commercials and food, we'll most likely be spending a lot of time on our phone. These emoji's are perfect for acting like you know what you're talking about when you're really just there for the chips and guac.  

Which app is your must-have for Super Bowl 50? Share in the comments! 

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