Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Pays Homage to Shakira While Lamenting the Perils of Group Hangs


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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is taking on two hot topics: Shakira and the perils of "group hangs."

In the exclusive sneak peek above, Rachel Bloom does her best hip-shaking take on the singer while exalting the troubles that are involved with trying to spend time with your crush in a large group of his friends. Hey, we've all been there. Well, maybe not with a Shakira homage, but you know.

Oh, there are lots of dance breaks too.

Choice lyrics from the new song:

"Do we really need all of those nachos?" Answer: yes.
-->"I'm so afraid of horses." Wait for that scene if you haven't hit play yet.
-->"It was a group hang, group hang, it just got weird in this group hang." Preach, sister.

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After lying about a break-in (and breaking into Josh's apartment herself), Rebecca (Bloom) takes a case she think will help redeem her in Josh's (Vincent Rodriguez III) eyes. Meanwhile, Darryl (Pete Gardner) tries to reconcile his feelings for White Josh (David Hull) after White Josh pecked him on the cheek after their party to watch the fight.

Bloom, who took home a Golden Globe and Critic's Choice Award for her work on the show, wrote the episode with co-creator Aline Brosh McKenna. The musical comedy just released its first soundtrack. The release has 25 songs from the first nine episodes, including five demos. There's also a version featuring explicit versions of your favorite songs including "I'm So Good At Yoga" and "The Sexy Getting Ready Song." See the full tracklist below.

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1. "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Theme"
-->2. "West Covina"
-->3.  "West Covina Reprise"
-->4.  "The Sexy Getting Ready Song (Explicit)"
-->5.  "Feelin' Kinda Naughty"
-->6.  "I'm So Good At Yoga (Explicit)"
-->7.  "Face Your Fears"
-->8.  "I Have Friends"
-->9.  "A Boy Band Made Up Of Four Joshes"
-->10. "Settle For Me"
-->11. "Settle For Me (Reprise)"
-->12. "Sex With a Stranger"
-->13. "I Love My Daughter (But Not in a Creepy Way)"
-->14. "I'm A Good Person (Explicit)"
-->15. "I Give Good Parent (Explicit)"
-->16. "What'll It Be?"
-->17. "His Status Is... Preferred"
-->18. "I'm In a Sexy French Depression"
-->19. "California Christmastime"
-->20. "Where's The Bathroom"
-->21. "Feelin' Kinda Naughty (Demo)"
-->22. "I Have Friends (Demo)"
-->23. "Settle For Me (Acapella) (Explicit)"
-->24. "Sex With A Stranger (Demo)"
-->25. "What'll It Be? (Demo)"

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend airs Mondays, 8 p.m. on The CW.

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