Ryan re-run case: Shocking details

LUCKNOW: A Class 1 student was attacked in school with a knife, allegedly by a girl who is his senior, in Uttar Pradesh's Lucknow - a case that is chillingly similar to the murder of a seven-year-old at Gurgaon's Ryan International School.

The police said on Tuesday morning, a Class 6 girl of Brightland School called the six-year-old boy, took him to the toilet and attacked him with a kitchen knife, which has been found. The 11-year-old girl had told the child, "If I attack you and harm you, only then will the school announce a holiday.

The school's principal Rachit Manas allegedly hid the incident for a day. He has been arrested for negligence. Security cameras in the school allegedly didn't cover the toilet where the incident took place, as they should have. Hair has been found on the boy that matches the girl's hair. We have sent it for DNA profiling. The incident involves children, so we will bring the matter before a juvenile justice board," said senior police officer Deepak Kumar. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath visited the boy in hospital today; he has deep wounds on the chest and stomach, but is out of danger.

I was informed by the school that my son is injured, that he has been attacked with knife by a girl," said the boy's father. As news of the attack spread and images went viral on social media, many parents panicked about the safety of their children. The director of the school, Veena Vyas, said, "I am taking all the precautions in view of Ryan International school case.

Last year, seven-year-old Pradyuman Thakur, a Class 2 student in the Ryan International School, was found with his throat slit near a school washroom. The police have charged a 16-year-old student who, they say, believed that a death would force the school to put off an exam and a parent-teacher meeting he was desperate to avoid. The Ryan killing jolted the nation and many schools increased their security and installed more CCTV cameras.


Woman on honeymoon falls into Nainital gorge, scared by snake says husband

A 25-year-old Delhi woman died of injuries she sustained after allegedly falling into a 250 feet gorge while clicking selfies with her husband in Nainital, police said Tuesday.

As per a preliminary report, Tamanna was standing on a parapet along the road and allegedly lost her footing in panic when she saw a snake.

Tamanna and Shadab, also a resident of Delhi, were on their honeymoon, police said.

Tamanna died within minutes of reaching the hospital in Nainital. After carrying out the post-mortem examination, the body was handed over to her father Mohammad Shabbir who reached here in the morning” said Pramod Pathak, station officer, Tallital police station.

Tammana, who went by her first name, lived in Jal Board, Mandoli village in north-east Delhi, and married 30-year-old Saddam in November last year. The couple reached Nainital on Sunday. The next day, they hired a cab to go sightseeing in areas nearby. While returning from Bhowali, 11 km from Nainital, Tammana asked the cab driver to pull over as she was feeling nauseated.

Cab driver Kishan Singh told the police that Tammana and Shadab alighted from the vehicle and sat on the parapet — a safety barrier erected on one side of the road. Singh said he was inside the cab and soon heard someone shouting and crying.

The driver reportedly said, quoting Shadab, that Tamanna panicked after she saw a snake, lost her balance and slipped into a deep gorge.

The driver, passersby and Shadab rescued the woman who had sustained serious injuries. They took her to a government hospital where she died during treatment,” police official said.

On Tuesday noon, Tamanna’s brother Arif filed a complaint with police alleging foul play and said she could have been killed by Shadab.

Shadab is employed as an Ayurveda practitioner at a private hospital in Noida. Police said they will investigative into the matter.

This is the third incident of a tourist dying in Uttarakhand in less than a month. A 33-year-old woman from Delhi drowned during rafting when her raft overturned in a rapid in Rishikesh. Prior to that, a 58-year-old tourist from Ghaziabad was found dead in a hotel in Nainital under mysterious circumstances.

Earlier, a 10-year-old girl from Rajasthan had died after sustaining critical injuries when she fell into a ditch while trying to escape a pack of stray dogs in Nainital.


Serving judicial officer booked for 'rape' in Jammu Kashmir

Police on Tuesday booked a serving sub-judge on charges of rape after a woman filed a complaint accusing him of eliciting her consent for sex through deceit.

Rajesh Abrol was charged under Section 376 of the Ranbir Penal Code. He is posted as leave reserve with the state High Court. In the complaint, the woman said she was engaged in litigation against a man when, in 2015, she came across a woman who introduced herself as the sister of the accused. She suggested that she meet her brother for legal help.

The complainant met the accused, who allegedly promised to help her if she worked as domestic help at his residence for a monthly salary of Rs 5,000. She agreed to this in order to finance her minor daughter’s education, and started living at the accused’s house, the complainant said. e accused allegedly got the woman’s marriage dissolved by getting a “divorce deed” attested from a notary in Jammu on August 7, 2015.

After a while, the complainant decided to return to her parents’ home in Ramban. However, the accused allegedly told her she had become his wife and assured her he would take care of her daughter. He allegedly told her that he was living separately from his wife for seven years and, being a judge, knew the legalities to make her believe that she was his legally wedded wife, the complainant said. After a few months, he ‘solemnised’ the marriage with the complainant at his house with the help of a pandit from Doda in presence of his PSO and a friend, she alleged.

Thereafter, they lived as husband and wife for a year and a half year. The woman said she accompanied him on his official visits, and attached photographs along with the complaint as evidence.

According to the complainant, it was the wife of the accused who finally approached her and revealed the facts. She asked her to leave as they had both patched up, the complainant said.

The complainant said that the accused has now started living with his wife (second wife after a divorce), and that she was receiving threats from the accused even as she was living in Nagrota with her daughter.


Sisters steal baby boy to stop father from remarrying

Police arrested two sisters from Uttar Pradesh’s Mathura district on Monday for allegedly stealing a newborn from a government hospital in Rajasthan’s Bharatpur, but they left the baby on a roadside with a note and a feeding bottle three days later.

The suspects, identified as Shivani Devi and Priyanka Devi, aged 23 and 20, said before officers they wanted to gift a baby boy to their mother who was suffering from depression as their father was planning to remarry after their 12-year-old brother died two years ago.

The women stole the baby on January 10, but were overcome by fear after reading in newspapers about police trying to catch the culprits. They abandoned the boy on January 13 near Rarah village with a handwritten appeal that whoever found him should inform police that this is the baby stolen on January 10.

Bharatpur superintendent of police Anil Kumar Tank said investigators identified the siblings through CCTV camera footage from the hospital. The two women were seen in the video riding a scooter, while a man at the bicycle and motorbike parking lot of the hospital remembered the vehicle’s registration number.

We arrested the sisters from their native village, Swarupa Naugaon, in Mathura under Section 363 (kidnapping) of the IPC and charged them with stealing a baby,” the district police chief said.

The women allegedly did a recce in Bharatpur and targeted the son of 30-year-old Manish, whose wife had delivered the baby around 4am on January 10 at a community health centre in nearby Pahari town and was shifted to the government women’s hospital under Mathura Gate police station for better care. They took away the boy around 2. 30pm when the mother was sleeping. But the hospital surveillance video revealed the culprits and Manish’s father-in-law, Saddique Mev, registered a complaint.

Police superintendent Tank said the two women told police that they initially tried to adopt a boy to stop father Laxman Singh from taking another wife for a son, underscoring a largely patriarchal society’s obsession with a male heir.

Also, they approached nurses in hospitals to know if they could buy a baby from a poor family. But the sisters gave up because of the long legal process for adoption, and strict laws and punishment against any distress sale of babies.

Shivani is a teacher at a private school, married and lives with her husband at Pali Kheda in Mathura. Priyanka is married too, lives in Agra and studying for her graduation in arts.

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