10 Firefighter Arsonists

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10 Firefighter Arsonists10 Firefighter Arsonists

We think of firefighters as heroes who rush into dangerous situations that the rest of us desperately try to escape. And most firefighters are true heroes who deserve our respect and thanks. But some firefighters are obsessed with fire, and they are not content with the number of naturally occurring fires. They feel the need […]

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Moeen Ali: I felt I was letting down the team and fans during Ashes

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Moeen Ali: I felt I was letting down the team and fans during Ashes • Spinner felt pressure after poor performance during Ashes
• Moeen played important containing role with ball in ODI win

Few players have had a tougher tour than Moeen Ali. A humbling Ashes series that brought only 179 runs and four wickets in five Tests left the all‑rounder a shell of his exuberant self.

Even the five-wicket win on Sunday in the


5 scrapped designs for the world's most famous buildings

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When an architect gets commissioned to build a skyscraper or a memorial, they’re usually not the only applicant for the job. Other teams of designers submit their own ideas for how it should look, too, but these are eventually passed over in favor of the final design. a step pyramid.

Click through the interactive graphic below to explore rejected designs for all five landmarks.


Novak Djokovic sparks fears of players' revolt over pay after meeting

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Novak Djokovic
  • Serb reportedly demands rise in pay at meeting in Melbourne
  • Australian Open already planning to double prizemoney

Novak Djokovic, the first player to pass $100m in prizemoney, sent a shiver through the Australian Open on an overcast day one when it was suggested he is fomenting a players’ pay revolt that could split the game wide open.

The Serb, a

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