US Asks Pakistan To Eliminate Terror Networks Without Distinction

US Asks Pakistan To Eliminate Terror Networks Without Distinction

The Trump administration last week suspended nearly USD 2 billion in security assistance to Pakistan for its failure to take decisive action against terror groups like the Taliban and the Haqqani Network.

The US has conveyed "specific and concrete" steps to Pakistan that it could take to eliminate terror networks on its soil without any


ISIS On Rise In Pakistan: Report

ISIS On Rise In Pakistan: Report

The report also noted the alarming increase in the footprint of ISIS, especially in Baluchistan and northern Sindh as it carried out the deadliest attacks in those provinces

The dreaded Islamic State is alarmingly increasing its foothold in Pakistan, a leading think-tank here has warned, negating the government’s stand that the terror outfit has n


K-pop star found dead

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Kim Jong-Hyun, a lead singer of SHINee, one of South Korea’s top K-pop boybands, died on Monday, police said, in what appears to be a suicide.

The singer was 27 when he was found unconscious at a Seoul hotel by police after sending his older sister several text messages suggesting suicide, police said. The messages read “This is my last farewell,” “Things have been so difficult,” “Please let me go and say I did a good job,” prompting his sister to make an emergency call to the police.

Kim was pronounced dead shortly after being moved to a hospital, police said, adding a coal briquette was found burning on a frying pan in the room.

Burning coal briquettes, which release carbon monoxide, is a common method of suicide in South Korea, which has one of the world’s highest suicide rates.

The five-member SHINee is one of the best-known K-pop groups globally and has enjoyed a huge following across Asia and beyond since their debut in 2008. Known for powerful dance songs and well-orchestrated choreography performed with military precision, the boyband topped the US Billboard World Albums chart several times.

Kim released his first solo album in 2015 that reached number one on the Billboard World Albums chart. He also performed at solo concerts in Seoul last week.

His death sent shockwaves through K-pop fans with social media flooded by messages of mourning. Photos posted on social media showed throngs of fans standing in front of the Seoul hospital where his body lies.

SHINee was one of the very first K-pop groups I ever became a fan of and it hurts to think that this is real. Rest in peace,” said one fan on Twitter.

No words can describe how heartbroken I am. Rest in peace, Jonghyun,” another tweeted.

South Korean pop culture has conquered a large part of Asia over past decade with its K-pop stars topping charts across the region and its TV dramas enjoying huge popularity.


CBFC wants 26 cuts to Padmavati

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which has been at the centre of a huge controversy, will get a U/A certificate from the Central Board of Film Certification, popularly called the censor board.

and will issue the certificate once the modifications are made.

The film was approached with balanced view keeping in mind both the filmmakers and society. Considering complexities and concerns around the film the requirement for a special panel was felt by CBFC to add perspective to the final decision," an official of the censor board said.

The film was reviewed by a special panel constituted by the CBFC which included historians after the makers of the film stated that it was partially based on historical facts.

Special panel consisted of Arvind Singh from Udaipur, Dr Chandramani Singh and Professor KK Singh of Jaipur University. Panel member had insights and also some reservations regarding claimed historical events and socio-cultural aspects which were duly discussed at length," the board official added.

the 190-crore film directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, has drawn angry protests in Rajasthan where fringe groups like the Karni Sena say the movie "distorts history". Though they have not seen the movie, leaders of the Karni Sena and several politicians say the 13th-century queen, Padmini, has been disrespected by Mr Bhansali suggesting in his movie that she was romantically involved with Muslim invader Alauddin Khilji.

Mr Bhansali has denied any allusion to a love story, but several BJP-ruled states including Rajasthan have banned the movie, declaring they will not permit it to screen even if it is cleared by the censor board. has been produced by Viacom-18; the film's release was originally planned for December 1, but has been pushed back.

Padmini, according to legend, was a Rajput warrior queen from Chittor in Rajasthan who set herself on fire to save her honour after Khilji defeated her husband in battle.

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US to Pak: Act against terrorism for resumption of aid

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Updated: Jan 09, 2018 06:01 IST

Washington D.C. [U.S.A.] Jan 09 (ANI): The United States has asked Pakistan to act against terrorism if it wants a resumption of the security aid.

The US wants to see Pakistan take 'decisive action' against terrorism, following the suspension


Pakistan Will Become Another North Korea: US

Pakistan Will Become Another North Korea: US

Pakistan will become another North Korea if it doesn't stop nuclear blackmail, US National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster

In a tweet, Trump had blamed Pakistan for being a lying and deceitful country in spite of receiving huge US aid. Putting the Trump tweet in a clear perspective, his NSA says this is not a blame game but an effort to communicate

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