Gas crisis hits capital again

Gas crisis hits capital again

Farhana Nasrin cradled her one-and-a-half-year old daughter with one hand and tried to light the stove with the other. The baby was crying for food and the mother wanted to cook something to calm her down.

But every time Farhana lit the stove, there was hardly any fire there, much to the frustration of the 30-year-old.

Adults can eat anything after bringing it from outside. But it's extremely difficult to calm babies with just milk," said Farhana, who lives in Pargandaria of the capital's Jatrabari. We couldn't cook anything in the last two days due to a severe crisis of gas.

Many areas in the city, including in Mohammadpur, Bosila, Adabar, West Agargaon, Shewrapara, Kazipara, Kafrul, West Dhanmondi, Lalbag, Sobhanbag, Indira Road, Tanti Bazar, Shakharibazar, Kamrangirchar, Uttara, Dakhinkhan, Uttarkhan, South Banasree and Moghbazar, have been going through the same for the last couple of days. It has made the residents of those areas use alternative means to cook or buy prepared food.

During winters, gas crisis is common in the city. An increase in demand, faulty supply lines and illegal connections are the major reasons for this, according to officials concern.

An official from the Titas Gas Transmission and Distribution Company Limited said the crisis would be gone, once the winter ended.

Sabrina Akter, who lives in Indira Road area, cooks her family's lunch and dinner the night before. She tries her best to finish up cooking by midnight before going to bed because of poor supply of gas from morning until afternoon.

Gas crisis is an every-day suffering for us, but it has taken a turn for the worse since this winter began," she said. It takes more than an hour just to boil water during the daytime.

Jubaida Rahman of Banasree says she too cooks for her family the night before. We can't cook anything in the morning. We need to store our food in the refrigerator.

Banker Sayedur Rahman, who lives in Talbagh area, said he went to his office without having breakfast at home yesterday. He had to go to a local restaurant to have food.

The restaurants, which were using alternative means like wood-burning earthen stoves to cook, were having an increased number of customers in the last couple of days, said their owners.

Shahed Alam, a businessman who lives in Kaderabad Housing in Mohammadpur, said he had to stand in a queue to buy breakfast from a local restaurant.

Contacted, H M Ali Ashraf, director (operations) at Titas Gas Transmission and Distribution Company Limited, said the consumption of gas in the capital has increased this winter, leading to the gas crisis.

Asked why gas supply varies in different areas, he said many areas developed rapidly, but the gas pipelines there remained old and narrow, aggravating the gas shortage.

He also said the government seemed indifferent to modify the pipelines.


Death toll in California mudslides rises to 18

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Salman's shocking first salary

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MNS slams Salman Khan for supporting Pakistani artistes. While rumours of Salman Khan being paid as much as Rs 11 crore per episode in Bigg Boss 11 have been making news, you won't believe how much the superstar's first salary was.

There was a buzz that Salman is entitled to fees of Rs 11 crore for each episode of Bigg Boss 11 that will be aired on Colors TV. Although the actor has not confirmed or denied this buzz, he has revealed his first salary, which was not even three digits.

The Bigg Boss 11 host said that his first salary was Rs 75 that he had received for dancing at a show in Taj Hotel. My first salary was, I think, about Rs 75. I was dancing behind in some show in Taj Hotel. One of my friends was dancing there so he took me just for fun," PTI quoted Salman as saying.

Sallu bhai further narrated how his pay scale increased gradually after he got his first Bollywood movie. Then it went up to Rs 750 for Campa Cola and then it was Rs 1,500 for the longest time. Then I got paid Rs 31,000 for Maine Pyar Kiya, which was then increased to Rs 75,000 later," he said.

While Salman is currently one of the highest paid Bollywood actors, it is hard to believe that he had started his journey with an amount of Rs 75.

Recently, the 51-year-old actor was asked to comment on the rumours of he being paid Rs 11 crore per episode in Bigg Boss 11, but he just laughed and passed the question to Raj Nayak, Colors TV CEO. The latter responded in a funny way saying, "Salman doesn't come so cheap.

Well, the kind of popularity Bigg Boss has gained due to Salman's association, it won't be too much if the superstar is paid Rs 11 crore per episode, isn't it?


Now, madrasa teachers on hunger strike

Now, madrasa teachers on hunger strike

Hundreds of madrasa teachers, at the demonstration near Jatiya Press Club, vowed to continue demo until Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina announces nationalisation of their madrasas.

The agitating teachers under the banner of “Bangladesh Swatantra Ebtedai Madrasa Shikkhak Samity” started the sit-in in front of Jatiya Press Club in Dhaka on January 1.

On January 7, they submitted a memorandum to State Minister Keramat Ali in favour of their demand.

According to the memorandum, teachers of the ebtedai madrasas and the registered primary schools started getting Tk 500 as allowances through a government circular in 1994.

Later in 2013, the government elevated the amount to Tk 1,000 of 6,776 teachers of 1,519 madrasas.

The government in 2016-17 fiscal year increased the salaries of headmasters to Tk 2,500 and assistant headmasters to Tk 2,300 from Tk 1,000. The salaries and allowances of the primary teachers rose in phases. But the teachers of the ebtedai madrasas are still overlooked,” the memorandum said.


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Haredi population tops one million
There is a record low in the poverty rate for the Haredi sector, having diminished from 58% in 2005, reflecting increased integration of Haredi men and women into the work force in recent years.
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