A modest primer for Ethereum programming

A modest primer for Ethereum programming

I’m a long-term cryptocurrency believer, pretty saddened to see the space degenerate into something about as interesting and brimming with emergent properties as an unregulated penny-stock market.

But there are still some genuinely interesting, technically


AngelList launches Syndicates in India

AngelList launches Syndicates in India

AngelList has expanded its syndicates program to India in the latest overseas move for the US crowdfunding platform.

The launch comes some 18 months after we reported that AngelList had hired Utsav Somani to launch the service and develop its business generally in India, where it also offers its hiring product.

Syndicates was launched in the US in


This wallaby halted traffic by hopping across the Sydney Harbor Bridge

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A wallaby is seen amid vegetation on Sept. 7, 2011. SYDNEY) — A wayward wallaby disrupted downtown traffic by bounding across the Sydney Harbor Bridge on Tuesday with police in pursuit.

The adult male was captured without any apparent serious injury and is expected to be released back into the wild within days.

Swamp wallabies, which are smaller marsupials than their kangaroo cousins, are common across eastern Australia, but are rarely seen in cities.

The startled wallaby hopped across the bridge’s eight lanes of traffic an hour before sunrise then turned onto an expressway on the harbor’s southern shore toward the Sydney Opera House. pursuing police car with flashing lights videoed the animal’s steady bounding before a police officer captured him near the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and wrangled him into a horse float, police said.

Veterinarian Larry Vogelnest said the wallaby was “quite distressed” but he gave it a tranquilizer before taking it to the wildlife hospital at nearby Taronga Zoo.

It had some minor grazes on its face and its hind legs,” Vogelnest told reporters. There don’t seem to be any major injuries.

Vogel said he did not know where the wallaby had come from or how it found its way to the bridge.

It’s unusual obviously to have a wallaby running around on the Harbor Bridge, but there are more and more of these wallabies turning up in bush land close to the city,” Vogelnest said.

A motorist who identified himself as Ray told Sydney Radio 2GB of his surprise at seeing police cars with flashing lights pursuing a wallaby.

I’m from the bush, I’m used to seeing them running all over the place, but I’ve never seen one so close in the city before,” Ray said.


Drunk droning now illegal in New Jersey

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New Jersey Governor Chris Christie signed a law on Monday making it illegal to fly an unmanned drone aircraft after too many drinks, a spokesman said on the Republican's last day in office.

The law prohibits flying a drone with a blood alcohol content of 0. 08 percent or higher, the same as for driving a vehicle, or while drugged. Violators face up to six months in jail, a $1,000 fine or both.

The measure, which passed the Democratic-controlled state legislature earlier this month, also bars flying a drone near a prison or in pursuit of wildlife.

The drone measure was among 109 bills that Christie signed into law on his last full day in office, spokesman Brian Murray said by email. Christie's successor, Democrat Phil Murphy, is to be sworn in on Tuesday.

At least 38 states are considering restrictions on drone flying this legislative year, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

The Consumer Technology Association has forecast that 3. 1 million drones were sold in the United States last year, up 28 percent from the year before.


Top 10 Insights Gleaned From Ancient Documents

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Top 10 Insights Gleaned From Ancient DocumentsTop 10 Insights Gleaned From Ancient Documents

The ancients had a prolific habit of documenting their lives on anything from skin to stone. Although this archive may be old, it may add new translations or technology and the results can be revealing. From books that belonged to samurai and pirates to mysterious events that could rewrite history, the written word can color […]

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