Drunk Bengaluru mob seen hitting 2 men on bike in viral video

Bengaluru: Two young men from the north-east are thrashed and punched by a group of New Year's revellers in Bengaluru in a video that has gone viral. The 27-second video shows a group partying in a lane at the city's posh Indira Nagar area when three persons, including a woman, arrive on a motorbike. The bike gently brushes past one of the revellers without causing any visible harm to him.

But suddenly, some of the other revellers pounce on the two men, repeatedly hitting them on their faces. The woman, who got off the bike before it fell during the assault, reportedly tried to stop the group but without any luck.

The woman on the bike was not attacked, said Bengaluru Police Commissioner T. Suneel Kumar. However, one of the victims -- Gautam -- later claimed that the woman was his sister and had been slapped once. Describing it as a case of road rage, Mr Kumar said two of the assaulters have been arrested. One of them, Ambreesh, has a criminal record. The police are looking for three more men.

The video was shot and uploaded by another group of revellers, police said, adding that the bikers who were attacked didn't report the assault. After watching the video, the police filed a case on their own and are trying to approach the victims, said Mr Kumar.

The previous year, Bengaluru's New Year celebration was clouded by outrage after many women were molested and harassed by a big mob that went on the rampage in the city's MB Road and Brigade Road, where people had gathered for celebrations. The police had then denied there was any molestation.


Rocket lands inside Indian Embassy in Kabul, all staff safe: Government

KABUL: A rocket landed in the premises of Indian Embassy in Kabul this evening, causing minor damage to a structure of the embassy compound, the Ministry of External Affairs said today, adding that all employees are safe.

The rocket has clipped the top of the three storied ITBP barracks, foreign minister Sushma Swaraj said. Foreign ministry spokesperson Raveesh Kumar said there was no fire and no casualties were reported in the incident.

It was not clear whether the target of the attack was the Indian Embassy, which is located in the high-security diplomatic zone of the Afghan capital.


'Didn’t know anything about menstruation before I was 20'

Authors: Ecroaker. com Boosters.

Akshay Kumar wants to continue with Padman what he started with Toilet: Ek Prem Katha. That film, produced on a budget of Rs 18 crore, took over Rs 200 crore at the box office, and according to the star, brought about social change. Before Toilet. he told Firstpost, “there was 62% open defecation and post release, it is 33%. He hops Padman can spark a conversation about menstruation.

I am already victorious with millions and millions of people talking about Padman on social media, men discussing with other men and asking each other whether they watched the Padman trailer and that it talks about sanitary pads. I am glad they are talking, they should know,” he said.

The film, directed by R Balki, is based in part on the story of Arunachalam Muruganantham, an illiterate man who invented a low-cost machine to distribute sanitary pads and brought about a wave of social change. But Akshay Kumar doesn’t think his movie is about a sensitive topic.

Firstly, do not call it a sensitive issue,” he said. It (menstruation) is a natural process of a human body. It is time to get rid of those taboos attached to it and it is time to treat the issue maturely. Also, women should not shy away from talking about the issue and certainly should not whisper about it.

Akshay said that India is mocked for its backward ideas about women’s hygiene. Women told me that they used mud, burnt ash and dirty cloth to manage bleeding. It was shocking, it was horrifying. I met some foreigners and they laughed at us wondering we didn’t know what a sanitary pad was. Padman is an important film for our country. Nobody has ever made a film on this issue. Even in documentaries that I saw, sanitary pads are always hidden,” he said.

He added that he was “19 or 20” when he first learned about sanitary napkins. never held a pad in my hand. Nobody in my family asked me to buy sanitary napkin and it’s only in the last two years that I came to know about it in great detail. I have now learnt that menstruating women are considered ritually impure and polluted, and they are often isolated as untouchables. That they can’t touch pickles, enter kitchen, or go to temples, wash their hair. Then, too many girls end up dropping out of school because they don’t have supplies to manage their periods,” he said.

Akshay Kumar’s Padman will be in theatres on January 25, when it is expected to clash with Deepika Padukone’s controversial Padmaavat. shay also has 2. 0, Gold and Kesari lined up.

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