'Russia has underwater nuclear drones'

Russia is in possession of an underwater nuclear drone capable of carrying a 100-megaton nuclear warhead, a recently leaked draft of the Pentagon's Nuclear Posture Review confirmed.

The weapon, referred to in the document as an “AUV,” or autonomous underwater vehicle, is featured in a chart that lays out Russia's multiple nuclear delivery vehicles.

In addition to modernizing ‘legacy’ Soviet nuclear systems, Russia is developing and deploying new nuclear warheads and launchers. ese efforts include multiple upgrades for every leg of the Russian nuclear triad of strategic bombers, sea-based missiles and land-based missiles. Russia is also developing at least two new intercontinental range systems, a hypersonic glide vehicle and a new intercontinental, nuclear-armed undersea autonomous torpedo.

Our discussion has been robust and several draft have been written. However, the Nuclear Posture Review has not been completed and will ultimately be reviewed and approved by the President and the Secretary of Defense. As a general practice, we do not discuss pre-decisional, draft copies of strategies and reviews.

by Valerie Insinna of Defense News, the Russian undersea drone, officially known as Ocean Multipurpose System Status-6  and nicknamed "Kanyon" by the Pentagon, was reportedly tested in Nov. 2016. reported in Dec. 2016, citing unnamed Pentagon sources.

The Pentagon had not publicly confirmed the existence of Status-6 prior to Huffington Post's report on this year's posture review.

According to Russian media outlets cited by the Washington Bureau, Status-6 has a range of 6,200 miles, a top speed in excess of 56 knots and can descend to depths of 3,280 feet below sea level. It was built by Rubin Design Bureau, the largest submarine manufacturer in Russia. It was designed to be launched from at least two different classes of nuclear submarines, including the Oscar-class, which can carry four Status-6 drones at a time.

The nuclear posture review reaffirms the need for a full nuclear triad, or a full range of air, sea, and ground-based nuclear missiles. But, as noted by Defense News, the review offers "no sign that the Pentagon is interested in developing unmanned undersea vehicles capable of delivering a nuclear weapon.

The Trump administration is vying to substantially increase the U. S. s nuclear stockpile. The review also illustrates how the Pentagon plans to match some of Russia's new nuclear capabilities.

Fears of nuclear war have risen to historic levels, in large part due to the verbal back-and-forth between Trump and Kim Jong-Un of North Korea. Those fears percolated on Saturday after an emergency alert was mistakenly sent in Hawaii, warning residents to "seek immediate shelter" from a ballistic missile threat.


Bangladesh finds new natural gas reserve

Bangladesh finds new natural gas reserve

A total of 600 billion cubic feet of gas (CFT) has been found in Bheduria union, Cabinet Secretary Shafiul Alam told reporters at Bangladesh Secretariat today.

It would be the 27th gas reserve in the country. In Bhola, this would contribute to the total 1. 5 trillion cubic feet (TCF) gas that it holds, the cabinet secretary said without specifying any further.

The news comes at a time when households are complaining of dwindling gas supplies and businesses doing the same. However, LNG import is expected to start off this year which might drive gas prices further up for commercial and domestic use.


New J-16 Fighters Enter China’s Air Fleet

New J-16 Fighters Enter China’s Air Fleet

LOOKS FAMILIAR: Jianjiji-16 (J-16) is an unauthorized copy of Sukhoi Su-27 Fighter

China’s J-16 fighter jets are quietly being introduced to the People’s Liberation Army Air Force at a faster rate than the country’s new fifth-generation J-20, though the latter has garnered much more international attention.

At least two new squadrons of J-16


A cartoon for these tech times…

A cartoon for these tech times…

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