How Modi bonded with Israeli PM over yoga and Shree 420 song

A day after Narendra Modi's bear hug with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu became the talk of the town, the bonhomie between the two world leaders was again on display on Monday.

This time, the Israeli Prime Minister said that if his friend Narendra wants to conduct a yoga class with him, he will always be available.

My friend Narendra, if anytime you want to do a yoga class with me, it is a big stretch, but I will be there," Netanyahu said. A smiling Narendra Modi, whose love for yoga is well known, shook hands with Netanyahu and the two global leaders hugged each other.

During the joint press conference, both Modi and Netanyahu addressed each other as "friend".

In the joint address, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called Narendra Modi a "revolutionary leader". You are a revolutionary leader, you have revolutionised India. Your visit to Israel was groundbreaking," the Israeli Prime Minister said.

In July last year, Narendra Modi became the first Indian Prime Minister to visit Israel. Referring to the visit, Netanyahu said, "It excited all Israelis and of course many Israelis of Indian descent and origin came. Well I thought I was in a rock concert. But it was a historic event".

On the 26/11 terror attacks in Mumbai, in which Jewish synagogue Chabad House was attacked, Netanyahu said "we will never give in and will fight back".

Prime Minister Narendra Modi welcomed "good friend" Netanyahu to India and said the two countries have "reviewed progress in relations" and "renewed" them. Your (Netanyahu) visit marks a special beginning to our new year calendar," said Modi.

Narendra Modi spoke extensively on increasing bilateral cooperation between India and Israel. We will strengthen the existing pillars of cooperation in areas that touch the lives of our peoples. These are agriculture, science and technology and security. We exchanged views on scaling up the Centers of Excellence that have been a main-stay of agricultural cooperation," the Prime Minister said.

Prime Minister Modi also "invited Israeli companies to take advantage of the liberalised FDI regime to make more in India with our companies" in defence. We are venturing into less explored areas of cooperation such as oil and gas, cyber security, films and start-ups," he said.

Narendra Modi said that in Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, he has a "counterpart who is equally committed to taking the India-Israel relationship to soaring new heights".

Modi will take Netanyahu to his home state Gujarat on Wednesday. There we will have another opportunity to see the fulfilment of the promise, which our mutual cooperation holds in diverse areas such as agriculture, technology, and innovation," Narendra Modi said.

During the lunch hosted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the Israeli delegation, one of songs played by a live band was 'Ichak Dana, Bichak Dana' from the Raj Kapoor-Nargis starrer Shree 420. Number of Israelis who knew that was amazing. Films (are) a good way to build people to people relationships," said Vijay Gokhale, secretary, Ministry of External Affairs.


Elite special forces from around the world

They dig out enemy secrets, perform daring rescue operations and stealth missions, and take on the tasks no one else can do. The brave soldiers of the special operation forces around the world go through rigorous training and spearhead some of the most challenging military operations thrown their way. An integral part of armed forces of any nation, these elite troops are indeed the best of the best.


'Black day for judiciary'

Two days after four of the Supreme Court’s most senior judges went public against the Chief Justice of India over the allocation of cases, the Delhi Bar Association called the unprecedented incident a black day for the judiciary. Addressing press conference on the crisis that has gripped the apex court, the Delhi Bar Association said CJI Dipak Misra should have looked into the matter beforehand.

This was a first of its kind incident and a black day for us. The Chief Justice of India should have looked into the matter beforehand. He should have called a meeting to handle things," the association said.

At the press conference on Friday, Justice Chelameswar said they “were left with no choice than to communicate it to the nation” that “less than desirable things have happened” in the Supreme Court in the last few months and “we tried to collectively persuade the Chief Justice that certain things are not in order… he must take remedial measures” but “our efforts failed”.

The Delhi Bar Association gave a time limit of 7-10 days to resolve the issue, failing which it would hold discussions with all the Bar Associations of India. If the matter isn't resolved in 7-10 days, we will call all the Bar Associations of India, hold discussions with them and take to the streets, if it comes to that, in order to make people aware," it said.

Meanwhile, in a separate statement, the co-ordination committee of All District Court Bar Associations of Delhi asserted that the CJI should have kept his house in order and addressed the grievances of the four senior judges. We resolve that the Chief Justice of India should've kept his house in order and the grievances of the four senior judges should have been addressed by the CJI immediately," the committee said.

Among the sticking points that the judges mentioned was “instances where cases having far reaching consequences for the nation and the institution had been assigned by the Chief Justices of this Court selectively to the benches ‘of their preference’ without any rationale basis for such assignment.

The co-ordination panel said the incident got blown out of proportion due to the absence of any legal mechanism to resolve such issues while maintaining that judicial discipline should be upheld at any cost. We believe this incident occurred in absence of any legal mechanism to resolve such issues. The people of India have big faith in the sacred institution and the said faith shouldn't be even touched by any act of anyone and judicial discipline should be maintained at any cost," the All District Court Bar Associations of Delhi panel said.


Here's why Ramesh Sippy had to change the ending of Sholay

Authors: Ecroaker. com Boosters.

They were not happy about Thakur killing Gabbar with his feet. Recalling his own brush with censorship, Sholay director Ramesh Sippy told the audience at the Pune International Film Festival (PIFF) how he had to change the ending of the iconic film because the Censor Board did not quite take to the end envisaged by him. Sippy (70), who was awarded the ‘PIFF Distinguished Personality Award’ at the festival, made the revelation while being interviewed by Dr Jabbar Patel, during a PIFF Forum at the Raj Kapoor Pavilion.

The Kapoor brothers — Randhir, Rishi and Rajiv — inaugurated the Forum on Friday.

When an audience member asked Sippy about his views on the censorship situation in the country, the director spoke about his own experiences with the Censor Board, before Sholay was released during the Emergency, in August 1975.

I had shot a different ending for Sholay, where Gabbar is killed by Thakur. But they (the Censor Board), didn’t allow that. They were not happy about Thakur killing Gabbar with his feet. I was also caught in a sticky situation. how else would Thakur kill him? He couldn’t have used a gun since he had no arms. They were also unhappy about too much violence. they said ‘you have to change the end’. wasn’t happy, but I did that,” said Sippy.

The veteran director also cautioned that adding s** and violence to films, unnecessarily, didn’t work at the box office. Those who copy others tend to do that. But it doesn’t work,” he said.

Sippy also accused the media of sometimes “misleading” and “creating a controversy to sell papers”.

On the Indian film industry today, Sippy said, “I don’t agree with those who say today’s films lack good content. e are many directors who are making excellent films. take Rajkumar Hirani for example. Today’s youngsters have a lot more exposure than we did. technology has advanced and it’s helping filmmakers.

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