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No cash? Paris church basket now taking bank cards

    The passing around of collection baskets at Catholic mass usually leads to a collective digging through pockets and purses for loose change or small bills -- but a Paris church is testing a high-tech alternative. Starting Sunday, worshippers at Saint-François de Molitor church in the city's 16th Arrondissement can use their debit or credit cards to donate using baskets equipped with contactless payment terminals. The premise is simple: An entire generation is using bills and coins less and less," the diocese of Paris said in a statement. The five baskets keep their traditional woven design, but will accept digital donations of two to ten euros ($2. 50 to $12). Weekly collections remain a key source of financing for Catholic churches in France, accounting for 23 percent of the more than 600 million euros donated in 2016. In Paris, the average parishioner contributes nearly 100 euros a year. The baskets aren't the first efforts to reach out to the tech-savvy faithful. Since October 2016 eight Paris churches have accepted weekly offerings via an app called "La Quete", or The Collection. Eight more in the capital will start using La Quete this Sunday, joining around 5,000 others that have signed up for the service. We increase a parish's resources because donations are two to five times higher than those in cash," said Stanislas Billot de Lochner, co-founder of Obole Digitale ("Digital Offering") which created the app. And there's no need to worry about fellow worshippers looking askance if users just pass the basket: slips of paper confirming their donation are available at the door. It allows us to remove any reluctance from a churchgoer who might think, I've made an offering but people are still looking at me funny and saying to themselves, 'he didn't give anything'," Billot de Lochner said.

    10 Infectious Diseases That Changed History

      10 Infectious Diseases That Changed History10 Infectious Diseases That Changed History

      Along with natural disasters, infectious diseases are among the top unintentional causes of human death and suffering the world over. Some diseases have left their mark on the human race, warping the course of human history in their wake. In certain cases, like that of the bubonic plague, population levels were drastically reduced for centuries

      10 Most Interesting Passengers Of The Mayflower

        10 Most Interesting Passengers Of The Mayflower10 Most Interesting Passengers Of The Mayflower

        We all know the Mayflower as the famous ship that transported the English Puritans to America. The ship was at sea for 66 days before arriving and carried about 130 passengers and crew.[1] Today, we refer to the colonists who made the trip across the Atlantic Ocean on the Mayflower as the Pilgrims. The passengers […]

        The post 10 Most

        10 People Who Survived Getting Lost In The Wilderness

          10 People Who Survived Getting Lost In The Wilderness10 People Who Survived Getting Lost In The Wilderness

          Every year, thousands of people go hiking in the woods. Unfortunately, a number of these people become lost and are never seen or heard from again. Sometimes, missing people have no idea how they got in the woods in the first place. When someone disappears into the wilderness, rescuers and volunteers will mobilize in an […]

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          Albuquerque fifth-grader mistakenly passes marijuana in school

            Authors: Subcontinent Times

            Updated: Jan 19, 2018 01:47 IST

            Albuquerque [United States], Jan 19 (ANI): Authorities at an Albuquerque charter school have stated that a fifth-grader mistook her parents' medicinal marijuana for candy and passed it out to other students at school.

            According to KRQE-TV in

            US Senate votes to extend NSA surveillance program

              Authors: Subcontinent Times

              Updated: Jan 19, 2018 01:52 IST

              Washington DC [United States], Jan 19 (ANI): The United States Senate has passed an extension of a government surveillance program, sending the bill to President Donald Trump's desk.

              According to the Hill, senators voted 65-34 on the bill,

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