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Top 10 Insights Gleaned From Ancient Documents

    Top 10 Insights Gleaned From Ancient DocumentsTop 10 Insights Gleaned From Ancient Documents

    The ancients had a prolific habit of documenting their lives on anything from skin to stone. Although this archive may be old, it may add new translations or technology and the results can be revealing. From books that belonged to samurai and pirates to mysterious events that could rewrite history, the written word can color […]

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    10 Firefighter Arsonists

      10 Firefighter Arsonists10 Firefighter Arsonists

      We think of firefighters as heroes who rush into dangerous situations that the rest of us desperately try to escape. And most firefighters are true heroes who deserve our respect and thanks. But some firefighters are obsessed with fire, and they are not content with the number of naturally occurring fires. They feel the need […]

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